‘Threads a new way to interact on Meta platform’ – Hacktiv CEO Paul Soliman

Hacktiv Collab Inc. founder & chief executive officer Paul Soliman also said the supposed toxic environment on Twitter may have triggered the surge in signups for the new app. “It’s an avenue for, you know, an (Instagram) user to feel text-based social media now; meaning, if they’re looking for a Twitter-like feature in IG, so Threads got it, right?” he said. “Not even releasing Threads there are already sentiments that Twitter is toxic, etc. and they’re looking for another avenue for them to be able to express themselves. Especially when Twitter got political. So I think there’s a decrease of users,” he added.

To know more, checkout: https://news.abs-cbn.com/video/business/07/11/23/threads-a-new-way-to-interact-on-meta-platform


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